The Supported anti-Semitism

Eine deutschsprachige Version dieses Beitrags wurde in der Junge Freiheit veröffentlicht:

Since Donald Trump announced the implementation of the „Jerusalem Embassy Act“, which was passed the US Congress 22 years ago by with a large majority, the consequences of Berlins completely failed „integration policy“ have become visible to the entire world.

On Friday around 2000 people gathered in the centre of the German capital, in the immediate vicinity of the Holocaust memorial, to chant „Allahu Akbar“ and „Allah loves his martyrs“, partly waving Palestinian, Turkish and Syrian flags, partly those of the terrorist organisation Hamas and the Fatah party. In addition, accompanied by hysterical „death for Israel“ and „child murderer Israel“ calls, American and Israeli flags were burned.

The fact that the Berlin police had only made 10 provisional arrests for the identification of persons following this demonstration, which was presumably approved in urgent proceedings, and that this was expressed in the tenor of „No special incidents“, is probably due to the politically prescribed guideline.

Realistically, the current events were just a colorful potpourri of everything that Berlin politicians have not only tolerated for a long time – for example, on the occasion of the anti-Semitic Al Quds marches – but have actually been promoting.

Already in August of this year, Berlin’s governing social democratic party SPD mayor Michael Müller was about to land on the anti-Semitism list of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. And it is astonishing that not only he, but also his Sharia-understanding secretary of state Sawsan Chebli, has not been listed there for a long time.

The city has been cooperating for years with Arab associations that decorate their premises with cards of the Middle East on which Israel does not exist, as recently revealed by Anne Zielisch, the district member of parliament for AfD in Neukölln. But instead, her district has recently been decorated with a playground, the jewel of which is an „Oriental castle“ with a half-moon on the dome. And the „Integration Committee“ discusses the possibilities of introducing a Sharia-jurisdiction.

The AfD is currently the only party in Berlin’s Chamber of Deputies that opposes the planned public funding of the „Jung Muslimisch Aktiv“ association „JUMA“. The youth association initiated by the above-mentioned SPD secretary of state can be understood confidently as an Islam-identitarian in its programmatic orientation. People who travel in his circles know how to report Israeli „massacres“ of Palestinians on their private Facebook pages and promote the boycott of Israeli goods.

The key political role in the local Islamic lobby and its widely ramified network of associations, is played by the working group „Muslims in the SPD“ (AKMS), from which there is also a link to the association „German Youth for Palestine“. According to the Berlin Senate of the Interior, this association is close to Hamas and – and so the circle closes – belongs to the organisers of the current anti-Israel demonstrations.

On Sunday, two days after the first riots, Michael Müller may condemn „anti-Semitic incidents“ under pressure from the American Jewish Committee (AJC), but the corresponding migrant clientele is supported by his government without any ambitions for integration:

A political will to actually defend the „German raison d‘ être of state“ proclaimed by Merkel with regard to Israel looks very different.


anti-Semitic riots in Berlin